Dental clinic

Website for a dental clinic


Dental center


Business card site full stack


28 days


500 $

About project

Dental clinic
Desktop version
Mobile version

It was required to create a website for a dental center. The main requirements of the Customer were that the site should not be overloaded with texts, unnecessary "reference" information, should be as functional and intuitive as possible. It was also necessary to draw a separate design for the mobile version of the site. 

Since the main requirement of the Customer was the need to avoid overload, it was decided to use some kind of cards in each section. For each section, they were implemented with a different principle of action and design, but the concept can be traced through the entire project.

The main information about the Clinic is presented in the form of a slider with photos of interiors, equipment, specialists and theses about strengths.

Familiarization with services and prices is made in the form of cards-glasses for a microscope. When hovering over the card, the most popular services are revealed, which allows the client, in most cases, not to go to a separate page with a description of the services.

Information about the staff is made in the form of cards-questionnaires. They display the most important information about the doctor's education, his work experience, and the services he provides. The client can immediately make an appointment with the doctor he likes through the site.

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