Services and prices

If you order any full stack project, You'll get:



Одностраничный продающий сайт

от 20.000

Включает в себя:

Одна страница
6-8 основных блоков
Срок исполнения 15-20 дней
Количество правок до 5 шт.

Online store

Полнофункциональный сайт для презентации и реализации товаров на неограниченное количество страниц

от 40.000

Включает в себя:

Количество страниц не ограничено
Система онлайн оплаты
Feedback Forms
Сортировка и поиск товаров
Срок исполнения от 30 дней
Количество правок 3 шт./страница

Business card site

Небольшой сайт о Компании с наиболее важной информацией

от 25.000

Включает в себя:

3-5 страниц
Срок исполнения 20-30 дней
Количество правок до 7 шт.

Web design

Отрисовка уникального дизайна любых блоков сайта

2.000 ₽/блок

Включает работу с:

Векторной графикой
Растровой графикой

Corporate website

Крупный портал организации на неограниченное количество страниц

от 40.000

Включает в себя:

от 5 страниц
Срок исполнения от 30 дней
Количество правок 3 шт./страница

UX/UI Дизайн

Разработка интерфейсов любых приложений

3.000 ₽/экран

Включает в себя:

Анализ психологии пользователя
Проектирование сценариев
Интуитивно понятный интерфейс
Графический дизайн

Our work steps

Step 1
Fill out the brief, discuss the project
At the first step, I need to understand your basic requirements and wishes for the future project. To do this, you should, if possible, fill out the project brief in as much detail as possible. Next, I analyze the brief, if necessary, ask clarifying questions and make my suggestions for improvement. After analyzing and agreeing on the details, I make the final calculation of the cost of your project and the timing of its implementation.
Step 1
Step 2
Making a TOR, conclude an Agreement, advance payment
After the preliminary approval of the terms of cooperation, we make the terms of reference for the creation of the website and conclude a contract for the provision of services. After signing the Agreement, the Customer makes an advance payment of 50% of the total cost of the project, and I begin to develop the website.
Step 2
Step 3
Prototype creation, approval
I start by creating the site structure (what sections, subsections, blocks will be on the home page). I approve the structure of the site with you and proceed to the creation of a prototype. In the prototype, the conditional content of each page is thrown (Which elements and where will be located). At this stage, a site layout without design is created. We agree on the prototype.
Step 3
Step 4
Creating design, coordination, your payment for the visual part
Based on the completed brief, agreed prototype, analysis of the business opportunity, I create the website design. The number of edits of the Customer is limited and amounts to 3-15 changes, depending on the amount of work performed. Subsequent edits that are not included in the main cost of the project are paid additionally. We approve the final appearance of the website. The customer pays for the completed stage in the amount of 25% of the total project price.
Step 4
Step 5
Project coding, landing on CMS, transfer to hosting
Coding an approved WordPress website for all types of devices, set up all the functionality. Transfer the site to your domain and hosting (If they are not available, I'll help with the purchase of hosting and domain registration). I'm doing initial site optimization.
Step 5
Step 6
Ending of the project, staff training, remaining amount payment
Operability of the finished project demonstration. If necessary, training to make a content changes on website. Payment of remaining 25% of project total price, transfer admin panel login and password to the Customer.
Step 6

Let's discuss the project details?

Each new project is, first of all, a challenge to myself! I have to work it out as detailed as possible, combine the fundamental principles of marketing and the wishes of a Customer. Only in this way a truly effective result can be achieved.